Fractured Insanity

Fractured Insanity

13 April 2019

Origin: Belgium

Genre: Death Metal


The first signs of the band go back in May 2004 when two individuals, Kenny(guitar) and Didier(bass) finally found a drummer who was capable to play the music style in the person of Ignace! We rehearsed and wrote new material untill March 2005, we met up with Rob (vocals) who made the lineup complete... 2008 brought new challenges to the Fractured camp. In March new guitarist Dieter entered the band, Fafa(vocals) & Tom(bass) joined the band to promote the new album "Mass Awakeless". After a while they parted ways with the band and got replaced by the big appearence of Stefan who is taking care of the bass and vocals in the band. Together they wrote the 3rd full album MAN MADE HELL. Many cool shows were played to support the album, with bands like Suffocation, God Dethroned, They also played a lot of cool festivals like Antwerp Metal Fest (Sepultura, Vader), Rotterdam Death Fest and SUMMERBREEZE! Also a few tours like a UK tour and a tour with Memoriam. At this point the band is recording a new and 4th full album! So stay tuned!